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7pm Saturday, Feb. 2nd @ Razzie HQ


with God-Awful ‘FREDDY’ ‘PEARL’

Mariah, and Other Screen Pariahs

See Carey’s Laughably Lip-Sunk Screen Debut

Along with Lotsa Snips, Clips and Critical Rips

When it opened to Almost No Business on September 21, 2001, we thought: “Well, it IS the first movie to come out after Sept. 11.” When it won the NBC/TODAY SHOW poll as 2001's Biggest Showbiz Blunder (With 50% of the vote!) we thought: “No way 79,500 people even saw it!” When it rang up 56 out of 59 reviews as slams on Our 2nd Favorite Web-Site ROTTEN TOMATOES, we were impressed. When it peeked at #66 on the IMDB’s All Time 100 Worst List, we were intrigued. Then we saw it. Now we’re offering it as The Main Feature at this year’s RAZZIE Preview Nite...

It is, of course, Madonna-Played-at-Alvin-and-The-Chipmunks-Speed Pop Singer Mariah Carey in Her First Feature Film, GLITTER. It’s Listed ALL OVER the enclosed Nominating Ballot, in part because it earned such Critical ACK-o-lades as “the dorkiest movie of the year!” (Internet Site I-FILM); “a dim bulb of a movie” (USA Today); and “We’re talking a lock on the RAZZIES here!” (Greenwich Village Gazette). In its defense, we admit GLITTER is Shorter than PEARL HARBOR (By About a Week!) Less Decrepit than TOWN & COUNTRY (Though Every Bit as Old Hat!) Less Offensive than FREDDY GOT FINGERED (Though Just About as Dumb!) and has More Frequent Laughs than DRIVEN (Though Both are Star-Ego-Driven!). But GLITTER is Ripe for Ripping-Apart by the RAZZIE Members Who Show Up at Prevue Nite: Wall-to-wall with Hokey Movie Cliche’s and Begging-to-Be-Retorted Set-Up Lines (“Have you thought seriously about acting?”) it was whomped-on by Entertainment Weakly as “a smelly STAR IS BORN campfest” and got their “A” Rating as “a cult comedy.” Sounds PERFECT, doesn’t it!?!

And we won’t be ignoring The Other 57 Contenders. In addition to Kitty GLITTER, we’ll also show Embarrassing Moments, Vicious Reviews and World Class Bad Acting from such 2001 Turkeys as: DRIVEN (Written by Stallone and featuring Worst Supporting Actor and Worst Screen Couple hopefuls Sylvester and Burt Reynolds); 2001’s Most Butt-Numbing Three-Way/Three Hour WWII “Romance” PEARL HARBOR (With a Surprise Ending Any 3 Year-Old Could Predict); Repeat Offenders Kevin Costner and Kurt Russell as Casino-Robbing Elvis Impersonators in 3000 MILES TO GRACELAND (with Worst Supporting Actress Shoo-In Courtney Cox as The Woman Who Somehow Out-Foxes Them); Idiot NON-Savant Tom Green in FREDDY GOT FINGERED (So Many Moments to Choose: The Bloody Deer Carcass? The 18" Horse Penis?? The Elephant Ejaculating on Rip Torn???); Plus MONKEYBONE, PLANET OF THE APES and MORE...Some Even WORSE! Of course, we’ll also be offering “Dinner” and “Door Prizes”!

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And We'll See You (and All The RAZZIE GLITTER-atti) February 2nd!!



THAT’LL PUT HIM AHEAD of MADONNA and KEVIN BY ABOUT TWO-TO-ONE.. If all three Sylvester Stallone films now slated for release in 2002 actually ARE released, Duh Sly Guy’s Career Total for RAZZIE Nomination could reach a staggering 30. Among the titles: EYE SEE YOU (which has been In The Can for many months now) co-starring Fellow Former RAZZIE Nominees Kris Kristofferson (HEAVEN’S GATE) and Tom Berenger (SLIVER) in a tale of murder at a Police Rehab center. DOLAN’S CADILLAC is based on a Stephen King story and co-stars Kevin Bacon. And AVENGING ANGELO finds Our Poster Dude as a Mafia bodyguard out to solve (and avenge?) The Death of a Don, played by The Late Anthony Quinn. If Ol’ Tony gives as a good a performance in this as he did in GHOSTS CAN’T DO IT a decade ago, he could score his second (and first posthumous!) Worst Supporting Actor nod...

MAYBE THEY SHOULD RE-TITLE IT ‘BATTLEFIELD GARTH’?? We were just wondering What Ever Happened to the Highly-Touted Screen Debut of Country Singer Garth Brooks in the guise of Punk Rocker Chris Gaines. THE LAMB was originally announced nearly FOUR YEARS ago, and was to be launched by a TV Special (which aired in 1999) and a Pre-Release Soundtrack Album of “Punk Rock” Songs by Brooks (that either disappeared or was never released). It’s STILL listed as being “In Pre-Production”...

AND YOU THOUGHT 2001 SUCKED!! Looking ahead to Possible Contenders for The 23rd Annual RAZZIES, among the Lip-Smackingly Lousy-Sounding Films set for 2002 release are: 3 time RAZZIE Nominee Catherine Zeta-Jones dancing(!) and singing(!) in the Long-Delayed Screen Version of Kander-and-Ebb’s CHICAGO (Where’s Marni Nixon when you really need her?); MEN IN BLACK 2, re-uniting the RAZZIE “Winning” Star (Will Smith) and Director (Barry Sonenfeld) of 1999's WILD WILD WASTE; A Live-Action Remake of SCOOBY-DOO (Remember THE ADVENTURES of ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE??); Bubble-Headed Bubblegum Rock Star Britney Spears following in Madonna and Mariah Carey’s footsteps with her screen debut CROSSROADS; STAR WARS: EPISODE II: ATTACK OF THE CLONES (which had BETTER kill off 1999 Worst Supporting Actor Jar-Jar Binks in the fist five minutes!) -- Judging by the Purple Dialogue in its Current Trailer, looks to be a Definite Worst Screenplay Contender; and Paul Schrader (HARDCORE) directing Greg Kinnear as the late HOGAN’S HEROES star and Kinky Bad Boy Bob Crane in AUTO FOCUS (which could do for Motel Lamps what MOMMIE DEAREST did for Wire Hangers).

And You Thought The WORST Was Behind Us!!


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