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Ellen DeGeneres to Host 79th OSCARS

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Topic: Ellen DeGeneres to Host 79th OSCARS
Posted By: HeadRAZZBerry
Subject: Ellen DeGeneres to Host 79th OSCARS
Date Posted: September 14 2006 at 6:30am
Ellen DeGeneres, 1996 Worst New Star RAZZIE nominee for - MR. WRONG , has been announced as host of The 79th Annual Giving Out of the Little Gold Naked Men. The ceremony itself will once again be produced by Laura Ziskin, whose credits as a film producer include the highly successful SPIDER-MAN movies. The show will be broadcast live on ABC starting at 5pm/PST on Sunday, February 25, 2006...and, if all goes as planned, should be over by some time the following Tuesday morning.

Ye Olde Head RAZZberry

Posted By: ITbeast
Date Posted: September 15 2006 at 7:41am

Originally posted by HeadRAZZBerry

The show will be broadcast live on ABC starting at 5pm/PST on Sunday, February 25, 2006...

Hey RAZZ...I think you meant February 25th, 2007...Anyways, I think this is just another political maneuver on the Academy's part to see if by having a female lesbian host the show if it will boost the ratings like with the Emmy's 5 years ago when Ellen hosted that event.

The "Networking IT" Movie Buff!

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Posted By: Brierfox
Date Posted: January 20 2007 at 8:42am

I for one think Ellen is very funny and very smart.   I hope she dances, it'd be better then watching the previous MTV style renditions of past years.

 Compared to watching Bob Hope reading cue cards, anyone could be better. 

"We aren't in Kansas anymore Toto... Toto??"

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