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2007’s 137th Torture/Porn "Treat"!

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Topic: 2007’s 137th Torture/Porn "Treat"!
Posted By: HeadRAZZBerry
Subject: 2007’s 137th Torture/Porn "Treat"!
Date Posted: July 08 2007 at 7:08am



CUTHBERT: "Maybe if I look like Paris Hilton, I can convince her rich daddy's lawyers to get me outta here?!?!"

Ye Olde Head RAZZberry

Posted By: moviewizguy
Date Posted: July 09 2007 at 5:51am

This actually looks good, even though it's like most torture porn films. I don't know why. It really looks interesting.

Response from Head RAZZberry: okay, moviewizguy...please name ANY movie that doesn't "look good" to you before it's released. It's fairly clear from your recent postings that you have at least some aspirations of becoming a film critic -- and the key word of that job job title implies you're going to be "critical" (in other words, discerning, balanced, at least a tad unimpressed until you have some reason to be). Looks to me like you think EVERY movie that comes along deserves to be considered a classic until proven otherwise. The wiser position, and the one our entire Forum (and our entire ORGANIZATION, for that matter) is dedicated to is the idea that you don't buy into the B.S. that Hollywood uses to promote its product before it's released, and that you call the film-makers on it when they've lied to you.

Have you EVER been utterly disappointed with ANY movie? Here's a challenge for you: Name FIVE FILMS you have seen in your lifetime that you think totally SUCKED (if you've seen even 150 movies, this shouldn't be that hard to do). I'd be Berry Curious 2-C Your List... 



Posted By: Berrynoia
Date Posted: July 09 2007 at 7:40am

Somehow, I also think this looks good...when I think about August 3rd and the live action Bratz movie coming out then.

BTW, I've seen Saw and Saw II and Hostel, and that is enough there...unless you make a movie in which the creators of the Saw, Hostel, and Captivity films are the victims.

Also, you said that Hollywood has tortured more than Gitmo.  Does Saw IV (10/26/07) mean that it beats Abu Ghraib?


Posted By: wetbandit82
Date Posted: July 10 2007 at 2:44pm

And we're wondering...who put up the money for something like this, Ayman al-Zawarhi?  Since he and his boss would be probably the only 2 people on the planet who would consider it a must-see production, the FBI should start staking out theaters: Maybe they'll be stupid enough to come see it in person, and the FBI can jump them (of course, don't we wish it could be that easy!). 


Posted By: tomsmobr
Date Posted: July 11 2007 at 4:29pm

I thought that ELISHA CUTHBERT was actually pretty good in "The Girl Next Door" ( - LINK )... 


Posted By: tomsmobr
Date Posted: July 13 2007 at 9:42am

Hollywood, movie fans shy away from "torture porn"

By Bob Tourtellotte Reuters - Friday, July 13 09:22 pm

Torture, it seems, doesn't pay at movie theater box offices like it used to.

In recent years, films dubbed "torture porn" have been the darlings of many a Hollywood producer looking to make a quick buck. The latest such release, "Captivity," opens in theaters on Friday.

But the popularity of movies like blood-and-guts thriller "Hostel: Part II" and zombie flick "28 Weeks Later," appears to have waned, prompting some to wonder if the trend is on its way out.

The answer is yes, depending on the type of movie and whether that genre includes the latest box office hit or miss.

"The horror genre has had more ups and downs over the years -- maybe only musicals have more," said Paul Dergarabedian of box office tracker Media By Numbers. "I think what happens is subgenres like (torture) become popular, then play out."

Dergarabedian noted the old Universal Pictures' monster movies such as "Frankenstein" were hugely popular in the 1930s, but eventually died off. In the 1950s, horror was represented by alien invasion flicks such as "The Thing from Another World," but these went the way of the graveyard, too.

This current wave of horror films seems to have begun in 2004, when Dergarabedian tracked 19 of the movies that raked in more than $1 billion at U.S. and Canadian box offices. The figure was roughly double the $525 million from 13 movies in 2003.

Hits in 2004 included "Freddy vs. Jason," at $82 million, and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre," at $80 million, both from New Line Cinema. In 2005, Lionsgate Entertainment's "Saw" hauled in $55 million and spawned two sequels.


In each of 2005 and 2006, Media by Numbers tracked 26 horror movies with gross box office receipts of $841 million and $811 million, respectively. Midway through 2007, some 20 scary flicks have reached silver screens and more than 20 others are expected in coming months.

Youth-oriented, supernatural thrillers and fright flicks like "1408" ($56 million) and "Disturbia" ($79 million) are working. But adult-themed torture fantasies have mostly failed.

"Hostel: Part II" was expected to at least match the $47 million of 2006's "Hostel," but has only generated $17 million in the United States and Canada. "28 Weeks Later" hoped to reach the $45 million of 2005's "28 Days Later" but made only $28 million.

Those numbers do not bode well for "Captivity" and upcoming flicks such as "All the Boys Love Mandy Lane" and "Saw IV." Hollywood producers know it and blame the downturn on a glut of horror in theaters.

"It's overkill," said - Courtney Solomon , president of After Dark Films, which is behind "Captivity," the story of a man and woman trapped and tormented in a basement. "I think audiences have said, 'I've had enough.' It's as simple as that."

Anticipating the end of the torture flick trend, After Dark has adjusted its development plans to steer away from a large number of torture movies, Solomon said.



Posted By: moviewizguy
Date Posted: July 14 2007 at 8:41am

My computer was broken and this computer (my other non-broken computer) doesn't have the documents on my worst movies list. I can name some (mostly horror movies):

1. Failure to Launch

2. Fear dot Com

3. Doom

4. Silent Hill

5. An American Werewolf in Paris

Posted By: cvcjr13
Date Posted: July 14 2007 at 12:53pm

I like Silent Hill, despite its flaws.  I talked about that over at - the Silent Hill section of this forum, where you posted a reply earlier.  I added another reply with some information about the upcoming Silent Hill 2.

Posted By: moviewizguy
Date Posted: July 15 2007 at 2:47am
I hope the sequel is better. No matter if it's a bad movie, I'll still watch the sequel, as well as Hills Have Eyes 2.

Posted By: RoadDogXVIII
Date Posted: July 15 2007 at 4:39am
I knew Captivity would get mentioned for the Worst of 2007. I mentioned this topic in the Transformers post in the list of future films that would definitely get trashed. You know what, I'm never gonna see the Saw movies, because all I hear is that there's too much exposition, the camera editing is sh*tty, the twists are knee-jerking, and all the actors turn in overheated performances (including Cary Elwes who, according one review, should make room for a possible Razzie win).

You know, what happened to good horror movies. We want good-ol'-fashioned suspense, riveting characters, a great script, and all that stuff that reviewers talk about. That's why The Hills Have Eyes (the remake) and Snakes on a Plane were highly suspenseful films. They didn't rely on style over substance, or even sensationalistic acts of torture. Even the latter had some humor to it. That's why I'm not into these horror films that feature money shots of someone getting raped (The Hills Have Eyes II) or getting their nuts chopped up (previously said movie and Hostel: Part II). Of course, even the non-torture porn films suck (the PG-13 films or Silent Hill).

By the way, I want to mention the upcoming remake of Halloween. Now I hope that doesn't bomb, because Rob Zombie managed to make a good piece of entertainment called The Devil's Rejects. However, I heard that the film has a backstory to Michael Myers - his whole family consists of his stripper mom and his loser stepdad, and he hates them, but has love for his sister. So he kills them, and gets sent to a mental institution for a while, then breaks out to find his sister. I've heard that he got massive complaints about this, but who could detest? Remember the remakes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Black Christmas. To quote critic Brian Orndorf of "What happened to nutjobs for the sake of nutjobs?" Well, we'll see how it turns out.

And that's all I got to say. So, ciao.

You think you know, but you have no idea.

Posted By: dipitlow555
Date Posted: July 16 2007 at 4:17pm
I agree with most of what everyone is saying. The horror films today suck! But I think the only reason "Silent Hill" sucked was because of how confusing it was (but maybe that's just me). And movies like "Stay Alive" should just never have been made. But I did enjoy last summer's thriller "Pulse."


Posted By: JoBloMovieGoer
Date Posted: July 19 2007 at 5:32am

I thought nothing could be more graphic and disgusting than the execrable "Hannibal Rising." Then I saw this. If this is Hollywood's idea of "entertainment," then everyone in "the biz" needs electo-shock therapy to bring them back to their senses. And since they enjoy depicting such sadism onscreen, maybe the electrodes should be attached not to their heads but (in imitation of their own product) to their genitalia... 


Posted By: dipitlow555
Date Posted: July 27 2007 at 2:48pm
Seriously, why is it that Elisha Cuthbert can't make a good thriller? Example: The Razzie "winning" House of Wax.

Posted By: Criss808
Date Posted: July 28 2007 at 8:53am
I wonder if Lindsay was offered this role?

Posted By: moviewizguy
Date Posted: July 28 2007 at 10:00am

"Pulse" was underrated. Why?  

It was actually decent.


Posted By: dipitlow555
Date Posted: July 30 2007 at 4:03pm
Elisha Cuthbert - future Razzie nominee??? I think so!!!

Posted By: Criss808
Date Posted: August 13 2007 at 4:43am

"Pulse" was under-rated because it was awful!!! That movie was one of the worst of last year... 



Posted By: moviewizguy
Date Posted: September 03 2007 at 6:36am
No, Pulse had some decent performances, even by Kristen Bell. I saw the un-rated cut, and it has some added scenes which really scared the crap out of me! First movie ever that showed someone jumping off a tower and actually hitting the ground in one shot! Amazing, folks! That was one memorable scene!


Posted By: SchumacherH8ter
Date Posted: September 09 2007 at 9:23am
I hated "Pulse".

I'm the Goddamn Batman.-All-Star Batman And Robin #2
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Posted By: SchumacherH8ter
Date Posted: October 14 2007 at 9:31am
Even, my peers hated "Pulse"! Yes, it was that bad.

I'm the Goddamn Batman.-All-Star Batman And Robin #2
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Posted By: sr siete
Date Posted: December 23 2007 at 8:07am
Agh! I loathe the term "torture porn", is just another lazy meme spread amongst the dumbest reviewers to repackage the same old "splatter" movie we've been getting since the sixties as some sort of apocalyptic sign of the times. This Bob Tourtellote guy even includes as "torture porn" "28 weeks later", a movie that has got as much in common with "hostel 2" as "Enchanted".

Anyway, "Captivity" wasn't "torture porn" or even "splatter". It was a crappy run of the mill thriller with a script probably rejected from one of the CSI franchises for being too derivative even for them. But not among the worst movies this year by a long shot.

Posted By: SchumacherH8ter
Date Posted: January 27 2008 at 5:09am
Yeah, "Captivity" was a "crappy run of the mill thriller with a script probably rejected from one of the CSI franchises for being too derivative even for them." Currently, "Captivity" is my ninth worst film of 07'. However, I just rented the "Bratz" movie, so it could be pushed back to tenth place.

I'm the Goddamn Batman.-All-Star Batman And Robin #2
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Posted By: candyfizzes
Date Posted: March 23 2008 at 9:21am

Well, the movie doesn't come out for another couple months. Check it out then, don't just assume. Please.

My movie is Captivity. Please check it out, thrills, spills, chills, and oh yeah. Elisha and Daniel!

Posted By: Vits
Date Posted: July 29 2012 at 2:43pm
Any thoughts?

You can follow me - @Vits_Chile

Posted By: SchumacherH8ter
Date Posted: October 09 2012 at 6:08pm
Of all the "torture porn" films that sucked (and a good portion have) Captivity may be the worst. Since it's so bad, a 9 worst things review is needed.
9.) The villains: A key to good horror movies are good villains. They can help crappy movies seem less crappy. (see most of the Nightmare On Elm Street sequels) The villains in this crapfest are bland. In a rip-off of the end of Saw, the main villain Gary is not revealed to be a villain until the end. The only reason given for his evilness is that his mom touched him. So being touched by your mom turns you into a Jigsaw knock-off. The other villain is the main villain's brother Ben. He's an idiot who gets killed off pretty quickly.
8.) The dog scene: Early in the movie, Elisha Cuthbert's Jennifer Tree is given a task: either kill her dog or she dies herself. She has 30 seconds to decide. It takes her almost the entire time to decide to kill her dog. That makes no sense. If she choices to kill herself, what's going to happen to the dog? Does she really think that the bad guy's going to take care if the dog? It just makers her look stupid.
7.) The script: The script for this is deadly in its blandness. It seems like a bland kidnapping thriller, but with torture scenes thrown in. There's a reason for this, but I'll get to it in a moment.
6.) Roland Joffe: Joffe directed The Killing Fields and The Mission. What the f*ck happened? However, he's not completely to blame for this.
5.) Executive meddling: Apparantly, after the film was in the can, the producer Courtney Solomon* hired a new director to shot torture scenes. Before you dismiss this as rumors, a writer for Blood Disgusting saw a version of this without torture**. Also, look at Elisha Cuthbert's hair. During the non-torture scenes, it's shaggy. In the torture scenes, it's not.
4.) Elisha Cuthbert: Cuthbert is a very attractive actress. She's, also, a very bad one. Her performance in this might be her worst. An appearance by a mountain lion would have actually improved things.
3.) The misogyny: The whole draw of the movie is to watch an attractive woman get tortured. Seriously, that's the main draw. Also, the film seems to look down on Jennifer for modeling. Now, some models have a reputation for bitchyness, but she's not portaryed as a bitch at any point in the film.
2.) The lack of a social commentary: As much criticism as the Hostel, Human Centipede, and Saw films get for their grossness, at least they have social commentary. Hostel's about America's opinion of itself in the world, Human Centipede's about Nazi war crimes, and Saw's basically telling audiences to better themselves or else they'll be tortured. Captivity, on the other hand, is basically about nothing other than torture. The only thing close to a message that the film has is that being touched by your mom makes you evil.
1.) The obscenity: You ever wonder why pornos have weak plots? The reason is that if it was nothing but sex, it'd be labeled obscenity. But, if it has a plot, no matter how lame, it avoids the obscenity label. I believe that Captivity counts as obscene. That's not a joke. It's, with out a doubt, the nadir of cinematic morality. As horrific as A Serbian Film was, it had an actual point. Sure that point was stupid (it's supposedly a parody of the Serbian film industry) but it counts as a point.
I was planning on doing a review of Piranha 3DD tomorrow, but I decided to change it to another maneater in the water film. Grade: F
Next-up: Orca!!
*The same Courtney Solomon who directed Dungeons & Dragons.
**Link: -

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Posted By: Vits
Date Posted: October 10 2012 at 11:26am
Originally posted by SchumacherH8ter

8.) The dog scene: Early in the movie, Elisha Cuthbert's Jennifer Tree is given a task: either kill her dog or she dies herself. She has 30 seconds to decide. It takes her almost the entire time to decide to kill her dog. That makes no sense. If she choices to kill herself, what's going to happen to the dog? Does she really think that the bad guy's going to take care if the dog? It just makers her look stupid.
I doubt someone would be thinking rationally in a situation like that.

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