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Some People May Think It’s Crap But....

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Forum Discription: Nominated for Worst Supporting Actor (Jon Voight)
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Topic: Some People May Think It’s Crap But....
Posted By: ZookGuy
Subject: Some People May Think It’s Crap But....
Date Posted: August 06 2007 at 1:21am

I actually think this one was pretty good, not the best film of 2007, the comedy was high-key, the action sequences were... well, action packed. But this my opinion, BUT I think Jon Voight should get an Razzie nomination for 'Worst Supporting Actor' for this. Just my opinion, I respect everyone else's.

Response from Head RAZZberry: Glad to see you have room for opinions other than your own -- as do we. Welcome to our RAZZIE Forum, ZookGuy!

Posted By: Kenny
Date Posted: August 08 2007 at 7:25am

Don't diss The Voight, man ;)

I don't think any of the performances were Razzie-worthy. Megan Fox is close, but she wasn't that bad. She wasn't annoying, that's always something  Imagine Hilary Duff playing the same role

Posted By: ZookGuy
Date Posted: August 09 2007 at 2:51am
I just imagined I think I'm going to have nightmares!   


Posted By: sr siete
Date Posted: December 23 2007 at 7:27am
Wait... Megan Fox is a real person? I thought she was a badly animated and uncannily inexpressive cgi character.

Well. I'll be.

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