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Lohanís Best Performance???

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Topic: Lohanís Best Performance???
Posted By: bruin_522
Subject: Lohanís Best Performance???
Date Posted: August 07 2007 at 3:24pm

I have read so many postings saying that GEORGIA RULE is Lindsay Lohan's BEST performance. Unfortunately, they don't seem to realize how badly this movie went over: It not only bombed at the Box Office, but was also bombed by the critics. This film was NOT meant to be a comedy, but the director certainly made it look like it was, and wound up making a really unfunny movie!


Posted By: dipitlow555
Date Posted: August 09 2007 at 5:16am

Of course it was unfunny. It wasn't really supposed to be funny at all, (or not that much). It was a drama! And it doesn't matter how poorly the movie did, or how bad it was, this was Lohan's best performance to date... 

Response from Head RAZZberry: The movie itself was defnitley NOT funny (though it wasn't entirely clear if it meant to be or not). But the entire ad campaign for GEORGIA RULE suggested it was a comedy. And the man chosen to direct it - Garry Marshall , is essentially a comedy director (who got his start helming THE ODD COUPLE and HAPPY DAYS in the 1970s). I think the fact that the studio basically LIED about what the movie was in their advertising helped make the film an even bigger box office bomb than it probably would have been if they had sold it honestly... 



Posted By: SlammyFewFew
Date Posted: October 20 2007 at 12:13pm
Lindsay was utterly fabulous as Rachel in this film, the only reason for anyone to bash the performance is because her personal issues. If I  had to pick the weakest performance in the film I'd give it to Felicity, I expected a lot better, but Lindsay  was the only really good thing that came out of this film

Posted By: Jack Spencer Jr
Date Posted: January 26 2008 at 5:42am
Best performance is a tough call. This movie made use of her acting ability more than the fluffy-puffy Disney fare she had done in the past. In the first couple scenes, she was terrible because she came off as a smug little twit and they tried to give her sassy comeback to everything everybody said to her, and it really didn't work. But she got better as the movie wore on and the character mellowed and for a brief period, the movie flirted with the idea of being entertaining before it tried to be broad comedy and angsty melodrama at the same time.

I think the schizophrenic tone should be blamed on Marshall, who usually does comedies spiced up with a bit of melodramatic emotional content. This movie played more like a melodrama spiced up with broad comedy, which didn't work all that well.

That said, Lohan does carry this movie, as I think she has the most screen time of all three leads, and she does well, or as well as she could under the circumstances.

The scene in the rowboat with that guy with the screen presence of a slab of particle board was particularly exemplary. Will Smith has lamented about how hard it is to act against a ping pong ball on a stick. In this scene, Lohan must take her character through a series of emotions and she doesn't even have a ping pong ball to act against.

Lohan shows promise, but she's been doing that for a decade. I'm starting to wonder if she'll ever make good on that promise.

Posted By: Thushara
Date Posted: August 16 2008 at 3:47pm
This movie was not funny. But the entire ad campaign for GEORGIA RULE did suggest it was a comedy film. This is an unpredictable matter to inquire into...
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