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XANADU as DVD of Week 1/12/06

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Topic: XANADU as DVD of Week 1/12/06
Posted By: HeadRAZZBerry
Subject: XANADU as DVD of Week 1/12/06
Date Posted: January 11 2006 at 5:28pm - on DVD

Sure, it's been on DVD forever -- But it's never been cheaper than it is right now. And now is the perfect time to re-live every cheezy, breezy, bumbling and bone-headed moment of - . Don't wanna buy it? Try renting it from - ...

Ye Olde Head RAZZberry

Posted By: Vits
Date Posted: September 06 2010 at 10:46am
I gave this 3/10. Here's my review: 

"There's a place called XANADU which you shouldn't dare to go to. There's a same-titled song you should hear instead" (**/*****):  

This movie just doesn't know what it wants to be. On one hand,it's a feel-good pop/disco musical that's fun for the family to watch together. On the other hand,it's a romantic drama where the conflict is only on paper(specially the climax).

We were lied to by the marketing. Even though we weren't supposed to turn off our brains in order to watch this,we didn't expect to over-think. The scenes that were left open-ended end up feeling like plotholes, and the movie didn't need more than it already had. It took me a few minutes to understand the ending, not because I wasn't paying
attention, but because the movie seemed like something that should explain everything at the end.  

I know that in musicals the songs are most important, but in this case,they almost save the movie. Although I'm glad for the variety of genres.However,that doesn't mean the musical numbers were good. Yes,they were cheesy, but still creative in their own way. Still,at least half of them don't make sense plot-wise. 

Grades: D- in the U.S. and 3,0 in Chile.  

You can follow me - @Vits_Chile

Posted By: BurnHollywoodBurn
Date Posted: September 06 2010 at 12:23pm
Ah, "Xanadu" ... one of the many examples of why music artists need to stick with their music and not try to cross-over. Leave the acting to the actors!

The Four Horsemen of the Moviepocalypse: uncalled for sequels/remakes/reboots, 3-D surcharges, untalented "celebrities", and anything with Michael Bay's name attached to it.

Posted By: Jennifar
Date Posted: January 04 2011 at 9:59am
Many people do not like this type of music but i like it but limited.

Posted By: Vits
Date Posted: January 04 2011 at 12:48pm
Really?Well I liked some of the music too.

You can follow me - @Vits_Chile

Posted By: jannypan
Date Posted: May 08 2011 at 10:29pm
hehe, haha


Posted By: elenahernandez
Date Posted: May 17 2011 at 1:22pm
Jajaja!! Horrible movie. Agree with BurnHollywwodBurn, singers should stick to what they know.

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