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Topic: DYLAN DOG...
Posted By: jesse685
Subject: DYLAN DOG...
Date Posted: July 05 2011 at 6:13pm
This one hasn't had a shot at a forum topic, so I took the liberty of creating one for you members to RAZZ about.
Fire it up, RAZZHEADS!

Posted By: SchumacherH8ter
Date Posted: August 28 2011 at 5:41pm
Before I get to this review, I should mention that I didn't hate this as much as the other people here. And that I don't know what my next review will be. I'll see who was born tomorrow and check to see if they have any films worth reviewing. If not, the next review will be of Tyler Perry's latest and Prom. And add Cats & Dogs 2 and Nutcracker In 3D to Child Abuse Month. Just nine more spots left.
The good:
Brandon Routh: I find Routh to be a charasmatic actor who happens to be in movies that underperform. He's "OK" here as a detective who investigates the un-dead.
Zombie support group: This scene is hilarious and an example of what the movie should have been.
Anita Briem's hotness: Miss Briem is quite the attractive actress. Too bad she can't act.
The bad:
Taye Diggs: Is it me or has Taye Diggs never been in a good movie? OK he was in Chicago and Go, but he was barely in them. Anyway, he sucks (literally and figuratively) as a vampire.
Sam Huntington: He's unfunny and annoying as Dylan's friend who gets turned into a zombie.
Kurt Angle: Angle took time off his career of grabbing screen-time from wrestlers who aren't drug addicts on TNA to star in this. He's terrible as Wolfgang.
The ugly:
Anita Briem's acting: As mentioned in the good, Anita's hot. Too bad she's terrible as a girl who's lost her family to monsters. And even worse as the main villain!
The script: The script is pretty bad and full of cliches and predictability. It from the geniuses behind the script for Sahara, A Sound Of Thunder, and this year's Conan. And they're writing Dr. Strange. The evil never go unpunished.
The cheapness: The film looks pretty cheap for a $20 million production. The special effects are terrible and the sound effects are stolen from Jurassic Park. Seriosuly, the zombies sound like velocioraptors.
Well, that's Dylan Dog. Not much more to say, it's a pretty boring movie. Grade: C

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Posted By: SuperTeenTopia
Date Posted: August 30 2011 at 8:38pm
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson should be the only wrestler in movies. Granted, he's by no means a good actor, but he oozes with charaisma. And Kevin Nash is okay, too, so long as he dies in whatever he is in. At least Kurt Angle's next movie ("Warrior") is an MMA themed one, so that might be a better fit for him ... so long as he doesn't talk.

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Posted By: pasim
Date Posted: September 02 2011 at 4:08am
Is Peter Stormare not a highlight in this film or is he there just for a bit? He must be pretty old by now, but I absolutely love seeing him in anything! He is hilarious and really good. Just saw him in The Big Lebowski the other day.

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