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Official Site for S.O.A.P.

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Forum Discription: 2006's Best Bad Movie Title Is Generating Plenty of Buzz...and HISS-s-s-s-s??
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Topic: Official Site for S.O.A.P.
Posted By: HeadRAZZBerry
Subject: Official Site for S.O.A.P.
Date Posted: March 28 2006 at 1:15am
Here's a - LINK to check out the Official Site for - SNAKES ON A PLANE ...ENJOY!

Ye Olde Head RAZZberry

Posted By: JoeBacon
Date Posted: April 12 2006 at 5:38pm

HELP, Head Razz!

Where's the trailer for S.O.A.P.??????????

Response from Head RAZZberry: Here's a - LINK that purports to have the official trailer for S.O.A.P.  But there are countless Faux Trailers out there, so take it with a grain of...venom.

2013's WORST PIC-After Earth ACTOR-Jaden Smith & Johnny Depp ACTRESS-Lindsay Lohan! SUP ACTRESS--Kim Kardashian! SUP ACTOR-Chris Brown DIRECTOR--Good "Night"! SCREAMPLAY--The Lone Ranger.

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